Radio Commercial

Making an impact with your radio commercials

Companies like Spotify, Acast, and Global are cashing in on the internet-based rebirth of radio. Advertisers are wising up, too, realizing how radio commercials can help them reach their audience on a much more impactful level than before. Find the ideal length for our own radio commercials and start planning them.

SEO content

What is SEO-optimized content and how to create it

Since top search engine results tend to show the best and most relevant sites, having your business appear at the top raises your credibility and your presence in the field. Creating SEO-optimized content can be something of a minefield. We’re here to help you safely navigate your way through to success.

Video Marketing Trends

7 Video marketing trends that will carry on into 2019

In a previous entry, we explored some of the advantages of video over other forms of content; let’s take a closer look at the video trends that we can expect to keep growing for the rest of 2018, well into 2019.