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freelance translators

Ready to go Global? Two words: Freelance Translators

According to data aggregated at Babbel Magazine English is the world’s third most popular language with 360 million native speakers. Spanish has 400 million native speakers. Chinese has 1.2 billion native speakers.

Online, that podium shifts, with English being the top language with 800.6 million users, Chinese with 649.6 million users, and Spanish with 222.4 million users.

freelance writers

Freelance Writers: The Key Element To Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about publishing useful, attractive and timely content to keep your customers engaged. What do you do when you have a small team and very little free time to produce the amazing content your brand deserves to be known for?

Buyer personas

Buyer Personas: Define Them And Attract The Right People

A buyer persona can represent your company’s best or worst customers. Together with content marketing efforts, buyer personas are powerful tools for building your company’s brand image, increasing its profitability, and expanding its footprint in any chosen market niche. Effective buyer personas relentlessly define and sharpen a company’s branding and reputation for meeting customer expectations.

Best Practices for Adding Voiceovers to Your Goanimate Video

Adding Voice Overs To Video Like A Pro with GoAnimate

Though you may not recognize their faces, you’ll certainly know their voices. From Darth Vader to Miss Piggy, the impact of voice overs is apparent in every corner of society. Whether you want a lengthy clip that pulls at the viewer’s emotions or a straightforward explainer video, knowing how to wrangle and manage the best voiceover talent is a skill that cannot be overstated.