How to match your animation to the right voice artist

Quality voice acting, just like any other type of acting, is what makes a performance. It doesn’t matter whether the performance is in a movie, an online ad, or even a commercial, effective. What matters is that you choose the right voice artist to make sure your video pops.

If you are considering using animation to promote or sell a product, it is important that you put in the necessary effort to create a quality piece of animation. This means working with a professional voice artist to get the voices just right. This is critical – if you don’t put work into finding the right voice artist for your animated sequence, your cartoon is going to fall flat. Voice acting can easily be overlooked because, for many, a cartoon’s visuals make the first impression. But visuals are only one component of animation. The voices are what pull viewers into a piece of animation. An image might create that initial spark of interest, but the voice creates a lasting impression.

Voices equal emotion

When you’re angry, you shout. When you’re sad, you might cry or become quieter. When you’re excited, your voice naturally becomes bouncier with glee and anticipation. To make an animated character believable, he or she has to have realistic emotions.

The job of a voice artist is to bring an animated character to life. Without a voice that matches his or her looks, an animated character is just a drawing that moves.

In animation, going off-model is key – visually and aurally

In animation, the term “off-model” refers to moments where a character deviates from his or her normal look. This comes from the use of model sheets, which are reference sheets that show a character’s dimensions and gait so artists and animators can draw and animate a character consistently.

Off-model can have multiple connotations. When a character does not look like he or she should, off-model can mean that the character was drawn incorrectly. But it can have a positive meaning as well. Some artists embrace going off-model, using exaggerated expressions and a changed art style to create emphasis. In fact, going off-model is an invaluable tool that many cartoonists employ with particularly funny or poignant scenes as well as those paying homage to other works.

Going off-model can also be used in voice acting. Say your character needs to discuss something “shady” – you might opt to have him or her take on an old-timey gangster accent. Or maybe you want your character to sing a popular song, emulating a particular artist. A good voice actor can do this while remaining within your character’s recognized voice.

A good voice is a memorable voice


You just read that in Homer Simpson’s voice. Homer and the rest of the Simpson clan are as enduringly popular as they are largely because of their iconic voices.

“Hi diddly ho, neighborino?” See? If you’re like most Americans and you’ve had access to a television at some point in the past 26 years, you heard the voice of none other than Homer’s next door neighbor, Ned Flanders, in your head as you read that phrase.

When you’re selling a product, you need to make your product memorable to your target customers. Most people see a few hundred advertisements every day. A strong performance by the voice over artist can make your product stand out among this sea of messages and help you build and retain a customer base.

Voice acting is not the same as other types of acting – so don’t treat it like it is!

When you need quality voice acting for your production, you need to work with a voice actor. Don’t just hire an aspiring film or television actor and hope for the best – although some actors are very talented as conveying emotion through their voices as well as their actions, the two are very different skill sets. Respect the art form and make the best choice for your cartoon by investing in quality voice acting for your piece of animation.

Use an effective voice artist to reach your goals

As a content marketer, your goal is to effectively promote your product. Short animated videos are a great way to generate sales and brand awareness, but they have to be done right. Harness the power of quality voice acting to get more views, more likes, and more shares for your product. After all, these are what lead to more sales.

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Author: Mr. Bunny