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How it works

100%satisfaction guarantee!

How searching and booking works

  • 1
    Client searches our database of awesome voice actors via our site or API
  • 2
    Client submits project details for chosen voice actor via our site or API
  • 3
    Awesome voice actor works on the voice over
  • 4
    Mr. Bunny's entourage screens the voice over for quality
  • 5
    If required, client requests revisions
  • 6
    Client approves the work and downloads the file(s) (Ridiculously easy, isn't it?)

Why Mr. Bunny rocks?

  • All voice actors have professional training and tools.

  • Mr. Bunny is one picky rabbit! Less than 1 in 10 voice actors that apply get accepted to work for him.

  • All work is screened for quality by Mr. Bunny's entourage of experts.

  • Mr. Bunny only delivers ready-to-use voice overs from the best voice actors for your project.

  • Our high speed, high quality, and low cost, is the result of our proprietary technology, Hare9000™.

  • If you don't like the voice over, you don't pay for it, period! Yeah, Mr. Bunny is fanatical about customer service (and carrot cake).

  • Did you find a better deal somewhere else? That's a continuum universe impossibility. Regardless, Mr. Bunny will match it! Contact us.

  • No commissions, no hidden fees, no royalties. With VoiceBunny, you're the sole owner of the voice over and can use it however and wherever you'd like!

Mr. Bunny
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