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Here's the scenario: you've got a great idea for your next video project, but you aren't sure how to voice over a video.

The solution: find someone who specializes in voices for video and get him or her to record a voice over for your videos.

Even if you have a small project, finding the best voice for your video project is crucial to its success. While it certainly may seem easier to do the voice over yourself, hiring a professional who is trained in the art of voice overs can give your video project the polish it needs to attract its intended audience.

In other words, a voice over artist can help make or break your message. Here’s how to find the best one for your project.

Make a List of the Qualities You’re Looking For

Since you’ve decided to use a professional instead of recording the voice over yourself, it’s important to know who you are looking for so you can maintain the vision for your end product. You know exactly how you would do the voice over, so you’re goal is to find someone who would interpret your script the same way you would, only better than you ever could due to proper training and continued craft. Decide on what you want from this list of criteria:

  • Male or female
  • Soft-spoken, average volume, or booming
  • Mature or childlike
  • Types of accents needed
  • Types of imitations needed
  • ... etc.

The more criteria you can get down on paper in this step, the closer you’ll be to narrowing down the best voices for your video.

List Your Project on VoiceBunny

VoiceBunny lets you share an audition script and post your job so you can hold auditions. Usually, you can pull a good section from your full script that allows voice over artists to demonstrate the qualities you listed earlier. VoiceBunny also allows you to invite talent that you’ve searched for based on your criteria, and helps you set up your contract, timeline, project budget, payment options, and more with your selected person.

Manage Your Talent

Once you’ve gone through the selection process to find the perfect voice over for videos, you’ll still need to provide ample guidance and feedback to ensure the artist understands and executes your vision. Communication is key, as in most working relationships. Give your talent as much information as possible about the history and background of your project, as well as the expectations and intent for the finished product. When in doubt, over-share your goals, philosophy, and dreams. Remember, you’re hiring a voice over artist to make the project the best it can be, but he or she can’t deliver unless you set him or her up for success.

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