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When to outsource video editing

Keeping Your Video Under Wraps: When Should You Outsource a Media Editing Team? (Pt. 1)

An estimated 79% of Internet traffic, reports, will be video content by 2018. Visuals are memorable. They’re effective. They help consumers engage, process and understand information. For this reason, it isn’t enough—competitively—to use run-of-the-mill video editing solutions. Memorable media has far greater impact.

Animated Videos: Why Independent Motion Designers and Animators Have the Best Hand

Big budget blockbusters — ‘Zootopia’, ‘Moana’, and ‘The Red Turtle’, etc. — might have dominated this year’s nominations for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, but independent animation is busy painting itself a very bright future. Self-published cartoonists and motion designers are taking bigger risks than studios like Disney and Pixar by uploading their animated videos online—and they’re achieving remarkable success.