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voice over artist for animation

The Right Voice Over Artist for Animation

Quality voice acting, just like any other type of acting, is what makes a performance. It doesn’t matter whether the performance is in a movie, an online ad, or even a commercial, effective. What matters is that you choose the right voice over artist to make sure your video pops.

How to Learn Accents and Dialects Like a Champ

The ability to learn accents and different dialects takes a lot of training and patience. As many people say, the best way to learn a foreign accent or dialect is to speak it. That advice certainly comes in handy if you’re stuck in a region where that dialect is being spoken, but that seldom is the case for most voice actors.


Build Your Brand: Your Own Spokesperson

Businesses love celebrity spokespersons. Putting a celebrity spokesperson in your commercial gives your business an instantly recognizable face, and people are always more comfortable with the familiar. Of course, most small businesses don’t have the resources to hire a celebrity spokesperson.

confident speaker

Want To Sound More Trustworthy?

Do you believe everything you hear based on the confidence projected by the speaker? Do you believe that helps you sound more trustworthy?

If you’re like most adults, evidence matters more than what a confident speaker might try to persuade you to believe.

background noise

Background Noise In Your Audio Is NOT Bad

Ever have to try your hardest to listen to someone talk with a ton of background distractions and noises?

It’s not easy, but somehow it is possible. Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude’s research reveals that our brain relies on other senses and prior knowledge to understand, retain speech, and facilitate comprehension instead of only relying on the incoming sounds that reach our ears.