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Buyer personas

Buyer Personas: Define Them And Attract The Right People

A buyer persona can represent your company’s best or worst customers. Together with content marketing efforts, buyer personas are powerful tools for building your company’s brand image, increasing its profitability, and expanding its footprint in any chosen market niche. Effective buyer personas relentlessly define and sharpen a company’s branding and reputation for meeting customer expectations.

Content Marketing

Growing Your Business Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is an old business tactic. Clever companies have long put their best foot forward by printing positive, company-slanted pieces about home repair, cooking, travel, and dozens of other topics of interest to their best customers. But content marketing is also new under the sun, in the way the internet has brought on new possibilities and challenges for telling stories…

and driving sales.

When to outsource video editing

Keeping Your Video Under Wraps: When Should You Outsource a Media Editing Team? (Pt. 1)

An estimated 79% of Internet traffic, reports, will be video content by 2018. Visuals are memorable. They’re effective. They help consumers engage, process and understand information. For this reason, it isn’t enough—competitively—to use run-of-the-mill video editing solutions. Memorable media has far greater impact.

The Power of Compelling Videos

There is great power in creating a viral and compelling video. For one, it can reach a vast number of people—think: millions upon millions of viewers watching a single video on the internet. The impact is so great, in fact, that viral videos aren’t just found on YouTube anymore.