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5 Tips To Make Your Radio Ads Grab Attention and Sell

To drive leads and revenues, radio ads are still a powerful and effective tool for your business — in fact, every week, over 90% of Americans listen to the radio. Better still, there are several great, booming online radio options like Pandora and Spotify, with highly segmented audiences that you can target.


Here’s How to Strengthen Your Marketing By Using Only Audio

Here’s a problem that plagues people regardless of their goals:

Trying to do everything at once.

Want to lose weight? Well, I’ll just do everything at once. In two weeks, most people have already given up.

Same with marketing. When you’re trying to tailor your advertising or marketing to a specific consumer, it’s easy to want to fire at all cylinders.

Want to Build Subconscious Trust? Use Quotes And Song Lyrics

The Greek philosopher Aristotle defined three different means of persuasion: ethos, pathos, and logos.

Logos is an appeal to logic and reason, pathos an appeal to emotion, and ethos is the appeal to the speaker’s own credibility. To reach an audience, you need to have all three.


Want More Attention? Whisper Your Voice Over

There’s nothing more captivating than a secret.

And chances are, most of the best secrets you’ve heard in your life were passed along in a hushed whisper. From the playground to the break room, whispering can be the most attention grabbing form of speaking that humans share.

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Want The Secret to a Great Radio Voice?

Has anyone ever told you that you have a voice made for radio?

You might already know the secret.

New research shows that a strong radio voice is all in the vocal cords. A study using a high-speed videoendoscopy camera — a tool used in the diagnosis of voice disorders — was used on both broadcasters and non-broadcasters to measure and compare the speed of their vocal fold vibrations.