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Buyer personas

Buyer Personas: Define Them And Attract The Right People

A buyer persona can represent your company’s best or worst customers. Together with content marketing efforts, buyer personas are powerful tools for building your company’s brand image, increasing its profitability, and expanding its footprint in any chosen market niche. Effective buyer personas relentlessly define and sharpen a company’s branding and reputation for meeting customer expectations.

Sales training video with professional voice over

Professional Voice Overs for Training Videos

Before you sell your product to a consumer, you have to sell that same product to your sales staff. Like consumers, they need to be convinced that this is the best product out there and to be made aware of all of the benefits and features that it has so that they can accurately and confidently pass this information on to the consumers.


5 Tips To Get The Best Voiceovers

So! You’re ready to create your marketing video. You’ve got a great script, top quality equipment, and a good location. You’re all set, right?

Wrong. (Sorry.) Unless you’ve put serious thought into how that script will be read, your video is not ready to be shot.