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Best Practices for Adding Voiceovers to Your Goanimate Video

Adding Voice Overs To Video Like A Pro with GoAnimate

Though you may not recognize their faces, you’ll certainly know their voices. From Darth Vader to Miss Piggy, the impact of voice overs is apparent in every corner of society. Whether you want a lengthy clip that pulls at the viewer’s emotions or a straightforward explainer video, knowing how to wrangle and manage the best voiceover talent is a skill that cannot be overstated.

Directing Voice Actors

How to Direct Voice Actors for Your GoAnimate Video

Don LaFontaine. Does that name ring a bell? You’re forgiven if it doesn’t; after all: he was simply heard, not seen. Universally acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest voice actors, he narrated an incalculable number of movie trailers, video game trailers, network promotions, TV documentaries, and commercials.

Voice Actor – professional voice-over

You Should Use a Voice Over Pro For Your E-Learning Videos

A professional voice-over can be more important than the words spoken. Think “You’ve got mail” — these three little words are synonymous with internet service provider AOL. The voice behind the famous phrase — it belongs to voice-over actor Elwood Edwards — is just as recognizable.  

When to outsource video editing

Keeping Your Video Under Wraps: When Should You Outsource a Media Editing Team? (Pt. 1)

An estimated 79% of Internet traffic, reports, will be video content by 2018. Visuals are memorable. They’re effective. They help consumers engage, process and understand information. For this reason, it isn’t enough—competitively—to use run-of-the-mill video editing solutions. Memorable media has far greater impact.

The Power of Compelling Videos

There is great power in creating a viral and compelling video. For one, it can reach a vast number of people—think: millions upon millions of viewers watching a single video on the internet. The impact is so great, in fact, that viral videos aren’t just found on YouTube anymore.