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The surprising benefits of video game addiction

Surprising Benefits of Video Game Addiction

Video games often get a bad rap. And video game addiction is looked at as a downright ugly condition. Usually scientific studies about video games focus on the relationship between simulated and real life violence. Media outlets love to use those stories.

video games and voice over

Voice Over and Video Games

Video games have come a long way from the 8-bit adventures of your youth. Soundtracks that were once comprised of beeps, buzzes, and tinny music now feature cinematic scores and life-like sound effects. In a lot of ways, today’s video games have much more in common with movies than they do with the video games of the past like Tetris and Mr.

Video Game Voice Over Ranking

The video game voice over industry has long evolved from the arcade video games of the 1970’s to the top-notch augmented reality ones from today. We’ll be analyzing in this article, from the perspective of Alessandro Monopoli, an experienced Italian video game developer and addicted gamer, what he believes are the top video game  voice overs since the ‘90s until today.