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Voice over work - getting started

Voice Over Work: How to Get Started

I’ve been told I have a great voice! How do I get started with voice over work?

I wanted to write this guide because I hear this a lot. I love helping newcomers to the industry get paid to use their voice, but there’s a lot to learn and do before your first paid gig.

how to become a great voice actor

How to Become a Great Voice Actor

So you’re looking to become a great voice actor and launch your voice over career? Voice acting is an exciting, creative job that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes, challenging more than just your vocal chords. It’s a given that you need to take excellent care of your voice to make it in this business.

voice over artist for animation

The Right Voice Over Artist for Animation

Quality voice acting, just like any other type of acting, is what makes a performance. It doesn’t matter whether the performance is in a movie, an online ad, or even a commercial, effective. What matters is that you choose the right voice over artist to make sure your video pops.

The best exercises for voice over artists

The Best Exercises to Help Voice Over Artists

You know that guy at the gym with the gigantic arms and neck who counts his reps so loudly that you can hear him despite your headphones? You know who I’m talking about. The same guy who sounds like he could be auditioning to be one of the backup lions in The Lion King on Broadway.