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The 9 Best Microphones for Voice Over Work

When choosing the best microphones for voice over work, a lot rides on that purchase, including—someone has to say it—careers. Pick the wrong mic, and bookings dry up because great voices aren’t served well by crappy microphones that produce muddy or tinny sound.

Best Practices for Adding Voiceovers to Your Goanimate Video

Adding Voice Overs To Video Like A Pro with GoAnimate

Though you may not recognize their faces, you’ll certainly know their voices. From Darth Vader to Miss Piggy, the impact of voice overs is apparent in every corner of society. Whether you want a lengthy clip that pulls at the viewer’s emotions or a straightforward explainer video, knowing how to wrangle and manage the best voiceover talent is a skill that cannot be overstated.

The best voice over technology

The Best Voice Over Technology

A musician wouldn’t step out in front of millions of screaming fans with a toy guitar unless he expected to leave the stage under the onslaught of boos and jeers. Similarly, top-of-the-line voice over technology is needed for voice artists to lend their readings depth, richness, and variety.