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Directing Voice Actors

How to Direct Voice Actors for Your GoAnimate Video

Don LaFontaine. Does that name ring a bell? You’re forgiven if it doesn’t; after all: he was simply heard, not seen. Universally acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest voice actors, he narrated an incalculable number of movie trailers, video game trailers, network promotions, TV documentaries, and commercials.

Voice Actor – professional voice-over

You Should Use a Voice Over Pro For Your E-Learning Videos

A professional voice-over can be more important than the words spoken. Think “You’ve got mail” — these three little words are synonymous with internet service provider AOL. The voice behind the famous phrase — it belongs to voice-over actor Elwood Edwards — is just as recognizable.  

Videopixie explains the importance of effective voice over work

The Importance of Effective Voice Over

A high-quality, effective voice over is a powerful tool in video production: it brings your video to life, quite literally telling your narrative. Yet voice over sometimes gets overlooked as busy video makers become absorbed with getting the visuals and story right. 


Build Your Brand: Your Own Spokesperson

Businesses love celebrity spokespersons. Putting a celebrity spokesperson in your commercial gives your business an instantly recognizable face, and people are always more comfortable with the familiar. Of course, most small businesses don’t have the resources to hire a celebrity spokesperson.

The Impact Of Your Words, The Perfect Reading Style

Do you have a distinct speaking style? Many people have them and some, including William Shatner, even enjoy a great deal of notoriety because of that style.

How does that translate into your reading style? Do you tend to pronounce words aloud based on their meaning or their pronunciation?