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Here’s the scenario: you need to make a video for your company, and you want it done quickly. But once you’ve decided on a deadline, you may feel there’s nothing more you can do to help move the project along faster. You 
can keep things moving, though, by maximizing the project you post to reach the best voice talent on the VoiceBunny platform—and ensuring the voice over artist you choose has all the tools she or she needs to complete the job not only efficiently but within your timeframe.

Once you’ve finished writing your script and know what you’re looking for, follow these steps to match your project with a voice over artist who will bring your words to life:

1. Identify the type of voice actor

Ask yourself these questions: What kind of voice talent do you specifically want for this job? What gender would best serve your purposes and reach your target market? Do you want a specific accent or dialect? What about tone and delivery? If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, listen to voice samples to get an idea of what we have to offer.

2. Review your script

While we have truly talented voice over artists working for us, having a well-written and readable script will definitely help them provide you with the deliverable you need. Voice over artists must be able to grasp what you want and interpret nuance and intention with ease, so a great script and clear instructions are mission-critical. For some suggestions on how to evaluate your script, check out this handy guide.

3. What type of project should you create?

When you post a project on VoiceBunny, you are given a choice between three different types of projects:

    • Contest: If you choose a Contest, project invitations will be sent out to all voice over artists who meet your criteria, and up to six of them (if you select that many) will get the chance to audition for you. You can then choose which voice over artist you’d like to work with, and he or she will complete the job.
    • Speedy: If you choose a Speedy, the project invitations will be sent to all voice over artists who fit within your criteria, and the first to accept the job will deliver it to you.
    • Booking: If you have a specific voice over artist in mind after listening to a selection of voice talent samples, you can book him or her. Your project invitation will then be sent to that actor and s/he can decide whether they want to accept the job or not.

4. Be clear and direct with your brief

To ensure your project is attractive to our pool of voice talent, make acceptance an easy choice for them. If possible, provide the following in your brief:

    • A clear purpose. If the voice recording is intended for an educational video, say so.  The actor can then read your script in an engaging and informative tone of voice. If this is a marketing video, let the artist know that the tone should be more persuasive.
    • An accurate description of the audience.
    • Pronunciation guides for any brand names or other words that may not be obvious or are difficult to pronounce.
    • Links to audio or video files that demonstrate what you are looking for. Instead of asking the voice over artist to provide a casual read which can be interpreted a hundred different ways, provide a link to a clip that demonstrates the tone you would like. Good examples will always help voice over artists gain a solid grip on your intentions.
    • Any specific details that will help the voice over artist deliver what you’re looking for. Provide some background. Set the scene, use detail, be creative. Imagine the difference between the product you’d get with the instruction, “you’re a teacher speaking to a 5-year old student,” or “you’re stuck in a zoo enclosure and just found out that it contains what embodies your greatest fear: snakes.” You can even suggest a celebrity you want the actor to use as a model, or you could request a celebrity soundalike to voice your content.

5. Review the finished product carefully

Once you receive your deliverable, listen to it carefully. Objectivity is always good because the voice over may not be precisely what you were hearing in your head when you submitted the project. If you need a revision, it’s very easy to ask for—and if you need help at any stage, remember you can reach out to our Production Management team who are always on standby to help. Be as specific as possible in your revision request so the voice over artists can get everything just right.


Well, then it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practice by submitting your new project today!  

A writer from WritingBunny co-wrote this article.

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