Company video: 5 ways to take yours beyond the basic explainer

If your business is only using video for explainers, it’s time to take another look at how a company video can be one of your best tools for generating new leads, closing deals, training employees and customers, and creating additional sources of revenue.

The power of video

With a little creativity, basic video knowledge and sound voice over talent, your videos can serve as a gateway to educating your customers, employees, and clients. Take a look at five ways video can open up new avenues for your next stage of business growth.

  1. Content Marketing -Video improves your website’s SEO while it creates a more interactive user experience (UX) for your customers and prospects. Video content marketing is a great way to convey a lot of information in a digestible format for people with busy schedules. Think about creating a teaser video for one of your eBooks or creating previews for webinars or other longer form video content.  Voice Talent: Look for voice talent to convey your brand values and get your viewers excited.

  2. Sales support – The sales team with the best support wins. Buyers today have developed a new level of sophistication and their expectations have risen with it.

    Video marketing libraries back up your sales team by answering prospects’ most common questions, funneling buyers back to your website and sparking conversations that lead to sales. The analytics you can gather from these types of videos provide excellent data for your marketing strategy too. Voice Talent: Often this type of video needs to explain complex industry information so coach your talent to convey confidence.

  3. Customer education – You can’t be everywhere at once, but your videos can. Videos are great for providing tutorials within your application or creating a “Khan Academy” style learning portal where you can provide mini courses and other resources to help your customers get the most out of your software or product. Voice Talent: If you’re creating a series, look for voice talent you can work with on an ongoing basis so you can develop personalities your customers will come to know.

  4. Employee training – Educating new employees can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of scaling up a business. Use videos to for employee onboarding, continuing education and training and company updates. You can even add interactivity to your videos with links embedded in your videos so viewers can click through to documents or other material. Voice Talent: For training series you’ll want one talent so trainees come to recognize the voice.

  5. Subscriptions – If you’ve developed a valuable teaching tool, people will be willing to pay for it. Group your premium video content into paid subscriptions and use a video paywall to manage subscribers. This model works well for professional continuing education, skills training and insiders access to industry experts. Voice Talent: If your videos include interviews with different experts, consider developing a standard introduction to all of your videos to unify them.

Using a company video communicates your messages to customer and prospects across a broad range of topics with more urgency and greater clarity than anything else. These five suggestions are only the beginning. Show off your expertise, customer service and passion with video resources!

photo credit: LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by Racum