Freelance writers: the key element to content marketing

Content Marketing is all about publishing useful, attractive and timely content to keep your customers engaged. What do you do when you have a small team and very little free time to produce the amazing content your brand deserves to be known for?

To keep your content fresh and updated, outsourcing your writing can be an excellent option. Even –dare we say especially!– at small businesses. Think about it: you need to roll out content in a steady flow to make sure you are being listened to, building a reputation.

Staff members, especially at smaller companies, typically have many tasks to do. Common scenarios like sick leaves, vacations or an unexpected turnover can derail your marketing timeline. We suggest you let your team focus on their core business functions and leave the writing to us.

With WritingBunny, you can outsource your content production to experienced freelance writers, getting excellent quality pieces and unmatched benefits:

Around-the-clock access to an immense pool of freelance writers

A freelance writer who has lived and worked with your targeted audience may understand very well how to spark interest in your products among potential customers in the writer’s home region. Using a curated content platform to reach localised talent is also much faster than wading through a number of individual résumés.

Expertly edited text

Obtaining decent results from writers with little or no quality control to their process can be hit-or-miss. Don’t take the risk. The expert quality control agents at WritingBunny smooth over the inevitable human fluctuations in quality production, resulting in superior content suitable for a wide range of audiences across all cultural backgrounds.

Great flexibility in scheduling content production

Instead of being forced to space out blog posts, white papers, video scripts, and other elements of your content marketing strategy, you can quickly have all the perfect content to launch an exciting new product or service.

True internationalisation of the talent market

English-speaking countries account for only part of the global pool of excellent English-language writers. An individual who grew up in the Philippines, Colombia or Poland might still be as proficient as any native English speaker, with the added point of view of a different culture. A curated content platform can match these uncommonly gifted writers with your high-value marketing projects.

Deep familiarity with current trends and developments

Professional freelance writers are avid readers and develop excellent research skills as part of the job. They stay up to date with commercial developments, social trends and breaking news that might be relevant to your current marketing project.

Affordability and economy

Outsourcing your content through a platform with a guarantee of satisfaction eliminates the risk of receiving unusable texts. Access to a global talent market also ensures the highest quality at reasonable rates, making the most of your budget.

The WritingBunny Services Platform

WritingBunny is known for imposing very strict selection standards on its freelance writers, ‘Bunny Pros’. In addition to flawless spelling, punctuation, and grammar, WritingBunny looks for fluency and a strong sense of style. Be it a blog post, voiceover script, white paper, or another project, quality comes first. Needless to say, Bunny Pros are also available for timely revisions and welcome your feedback.

Rounding out the picture is a team of experienced quality-control agents who ensure that each project meets client requirements. The QC Agents work with client satisfaction and WritingBunny’s own quality standards. For tight deadlines, a ‘Speedy’ offers fast turnaround in addition to personal review by a quality-control agent.

Local language awareness

Companies have realised that expanding their marketing campaigns into languages beyond English has great potential:

  • French is a highly popular lingua franca around the world.
  • Some 400 million people in South America have Spanish and Portuguese as their native languages.
  • China is a vast audience of increasingly wealthy consumers that speak Mandarin.
  • Potential customers in Germany, Italy, Poland, and other major national markets will prefer to hear or read about your product in their own languages. The demand for translation services shows every sign of growing rapidly in the decades to come.

The demand for translation services shows every sign of growing rapidly in the decades to come.

Cultural Sensitivity for Effective Translations

Not all translations work well — cultural sensitivity counts for a lot. Selecting the right translation expert for your project from a host of individual freelancers can be difficult. Your translator should be a native speaker of your target language. They should also know the cultural quirks and pitfalls of the national or regional market.

Hiring an experienced freelance translator through a reputable platform with strong quality-control can save your business a great deal of trouble. Since its founding as a startup within the Torre Technologies family, TranslationBunny has grown into a major services platform for talented freelance translators and business clients who seek high-quality translations for their marketing campaigns. With a roster of battle-tested translators for several languages and a focus on accuracy and cultural awareness, TranslationBunny is hard to beat.

A Winning Combination for Success

A global talent pool for content production and accurate, culturally aware translations make a winning combination. Geographical barriers are giving way to exciting opportunities to attract your business’s customers online. You should now have a better idea of how to hire the best freelance writers for your content marketing needs.