Product videos that stand out

Video marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing because of the awesome benefits it gives to both you and the consumer. With a solid product video, you can grab the attention of both existing and potential customers and educate beyond your brand, all while creating an emotional bond that will reel your customers in for life.

But because the world of video marketing is growing exponentially, so is the competition. Businesses all over the world are jumping into the action and making it harder for you to stand out.

That’s what we’re here for. Use these nine video creation tips and you will create product videos that blow away the competition and encourage customers to choose you.

1. Find your audience

This first step is by far the most important. So I’ll repeat it:

Find your audience.

This determines how effective your product video is once it’s created. Once you find and clarify your target audience, you can create a video that not only reaches your segment, but resonates with them. You already know everything about them which makes the selling much easier. To do this right, you need to ask: who are they, what are they looking to learn about my product, how can my product benefit them, and what is the most effective way to deliver this message?

2. Never sell

Ever watch TV late at night? If so, you’ve already watched informercials. Unironically. (Admit it. We won’t judge.)

How often have you bought these wonderful gadgets with little to no information about why exactly they will benefit you and what the catch is?

The truth is people like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.

3. Be fun

Never ever ever make a boring product video.

You might as well NOT have a video in the first place because it’ll ruin your conversion rates.

Your customers are real people who enjoy playful, lighthearted videos with a good message. While your sales video should be promotional towards your product or service, good video marketing sparks the viewer’s attention, makes them laugh, and encourages them to share.

That said, be sure to direct your voice-over talent carefully to align with the fun tonality of your message — the voice speaking to your audience is just as important as the content of the video. Choose from our directory of hundreds of different voiceover artists specifically for explainer videos.

4. Start with a question

Asking a question in the opening of your marketing video is one of the most effective ways to create user engagement. Instead of starting with information about your product and how great it is, develop a question that relates to a problem your customer may be having and then explain how your product is the solution they’re looking for. By asking a question right away, you’ve made the video all about them and customers like that.

“Wanna get away?”

5. Educate your customers

Teach your customers something they don’t know. Customers buy what they know and trust.

For example, when Apple released the iPhone onto the market, it succeeded immediately. The reason it was successful is because Apple spent years educating their customers on the benefits of each feature and application with information on how they will benefit the customer’s life. The more your product benefits the customer, the more likely they will buy.

But educate them first.

Remember: your customers are coming to you for a reason, they need a product because they want to make their lives easier and offering them beneficial information works by selling your product through its benefits.

6. Include the customer

Incorporating small testimonial videos into your larger marketing video speaks louder than any sales pitch ever will.

Few things speak more clearly than existing customers speaking about the value you bring, and no form of testimonials are more effective than videos. All you need is 2-3 customers to offer 1 minute clips that you can add to a few areas of the video to promote your product.

P90X enjoyed skyrocketing sales when they started to focus more on showcasing customer success stories with their video messaging. The video below does a great job at driving purchase intent by showcasing customers that the audience can relate to with jaw-dropping results.

At the time, this was somewhat revolutionary given that most fitness brands would just feature a celebrity in their videos. The result? Fitness brands worldwide started to follow the formula of P90X.

While it has become a little bit more “popular” to include customers within your videos, being tactful and telling a story with the content (much like the example in the GoToMeeting video above) will help you stand apart from the competition.

7. Keep it short

If your product has multiple benefits or you sell more than one product, don’t fit it all in one video. When you add too much information to a single video, it overwhelms rather than educations and your customer will miss the message.

Instead of injecting too much information to your video, focus on just one aspect of your products or a single product. Creating additional videos will allow you to educate your audience properly and keep your business name circulating by offering fresh material while making your company stand out.

Better still, users who are interested and want more information will check out your website to get more details.

Check out their playlists here.

8. Change it up

If you create more than one video, change your video style to keep customers engaged. The same old style gets boring quickly and there’s a variety of styles to keep things exciting and prevent you from blending in with the competition.

One example is animation, which enhances product videos and catches the eye of people of all ages. Another example is changing up the voices in your messaging to be from different genders, tones, and tempos.

9. Market your video effectively

Remember: creating a good product video is only half of your battle.

After you’ve created your video, you need to market it to be effective in selling your product. There are several effective companies, tools, and social media platforms available on the market to help promote your product video and, with a good video marketing technique, you’ll reach your audience in no time.

Author: Mr. Bunny