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Directing Voice Actors

How to Direct Voice Actors for Your GoAnimate Video

Don LaFontaine. Does that name ring a bell? You’re forgiven if it doesn’t; after all: he was simply heard, not seen. Universally acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest voice actors, he narrated an incalculable number of movie trailers, video game trailers, network promotions, TV documentaries, and commercials.

Voice Actor – professional voice-over

You Should Use a Voice Over Pro For Your E-Learning Videos

A professional voice-over can be more important than the words spoken. Think “You’ve got mail” — these three little words are synonymous with internet service provider AOL. The voice behind the famous phrase — it belongs to voice-over actor Elwood Edwards — is just as recognizable.  

Content Marketing

Growing Your Business Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is an old business tactic. Clever companies have long put their best foot forward by printing positive, company-slanted pieces about home repair, cooking, travel, and dozens of other topics of interest to their best customers. But content marketing is also new under the sun, in the way the internet has brought on new possibilities and challenges for telling stories…

and driving sales.