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When to outsource video editing

Keeping Your Video Under Wraps: When Should You Outsource a Media Editing Team? (Pt. 1)

An estimated 79% of Internet traffic, Inc.com reports, will be video content by 2018. Visuals are memorable. They’re effective. They help consumers engage, process and understand information. For this reason, it isn’t enough—competitively—to use run-of-the-mill video editing solutions. Memorable media has far greater impact.

5 Reasons Why Listicles Rock for Content Marketing

Everybody who frequently browses their Facebook and Twitter feeds has come across headlines like, “The 5 Best Beach Wedding Venues in the World” or “10 Blog Posts That Will Fire Your Creativity.” Such bulleted lists—known as “listicles”—are so ubiquitous that they have easily become one of the most insanely popular ways to package content.

Animated Videos: Why Independent Motion Designers and Animators Have the Best Hand

Big budget blockbusters — ‘Zootopia’, ‘Moana’, and ‘The Red Turtle’, etc. — might have dominated this year’s nominations for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, but independent animation is busy painting itself a very bright future. Self-published cartoonists and motion designers are taking bigger risks than studios like Disney and Pixar by uploading their animated videos online—and they’re achieving remarkable success.

How to Create the Perfect Listicle

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely already familiar with the listicle. In brief, listicles are short-form articles that are structured as numbered lists with snappy subheadings. With the rise of list-heavy sites such as BuzzFeed, listicles have exploded in popularity over the past few years.

The Power of Compelling Videos

There is great power in creating a viral and compelling video. For one, it can reach a vast number of people—think: millions upon millions of viewers watching a single video on the internet. The impact is so great, in fact, that viral videos aren’t just found on YouTube anymore.