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5 Tips To Make Your Radio Ads Grab Attention and Sell

To drive leads and revenues, radio ads are still a powerful and effective tool for your business — in fact, every week, over 90% of Americans listen to the radio. Better still, there are several great, booming online radio options like Pandora and Spotify, with highly segmented audiences that you can target.

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Video Marketing: The Future of Spreading the Word

The future of marketing is content marketing, and the future of content marketing is video marketing.

Earlier this year YouTube celebrated its ten year anniversary, reminding the world just how much the web has changed in a decade. These days video isn’t just popular; it’s the most dominant form of web traffic.

Sales training video with professional voice over

Professional Voice Overs for Training Videos

Before you sell your product to a consumer, you have to sell that same product to your sales staff. Like consumers, they need to be convinced that this is the best product out there and to be made aware of all of the benefits and features that it has so that they can accurately and confidently pass this information on to the consumers.

The Quality Voice Over: Why the Human Touch Matters

The Quality Voice Over: Why the Human Touch Matters

When you turn on a radio, television or log on to the Internet, you will surely come into contact with some form of voice over work. It is commonplace in new age cinema, television commercials and programming, radio and Internet advertisements, blogs, podcasts, among other audio and visual platforms.

Branding and Professional Voice Overs

The Professional Voice Over and Branding

You’re listening to the radio and the voice selling you your next cup of coffee sounds strangely familiar. You can’t put your finger on where you’ve heard it before, but you know it’s someone famous, and now you want a cup of Joe (and donut).

5 Reasons Why Listicles Rock for Content Marketing

Everybody who frequently browses their Facebook and Twitter feeds has come across headlines like, “The 5 Best Beach Wedding Venues in the World” or “10 Blog Posts That Will Fire Your Creativity.” Such bulleted lists—known as “listicles”—are so ubiquitous that they have easily become one of the most insanely popular ways to package content.