The 9 best microphones for voice over work

  • Mike Atencio

    I have an H2 Zoom. Can I use it for voice over work?

  • Jai Prakash

    hi this is jai,
    One of my friend having problem with his voice. Now he is not able to talk fluently. He is ‘Pandit’ by profession. Now he is not able to work.

    My Doubt is, any microphone can be used to increase his voice.
    Help me to get microphone…

    Is microphone will help to do his daily work.

  • Osvaldo

    Studio Projects b3, Sontronics Aria, Violet Design Atomic, Brauner Phantom are perfect choices for Voice Over Work. I Have tryed them connected with Universal Audio 710

  • Another fan of the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Plus here!

    • Osvaldo

      MXL usb 009 is more expensive but sounds like a 1000 Euro Microphone. Better Choice in my Oppinion

  • Glenn Lonḡ

    Anyone use the Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Studio Microphone (XLR Cable) Not the USB one….
    What is the quality like?

    • Osvaldo

      Flat Sound, Good Quality but…high self-noise. Take the 2035, is almost the same but with better components 🙂

  • Sally Belle

    No mention of the Shure SM7B?

    • Nat Stringer

      A Classic

    • Grant Lingel

      We will expand on this article to include more microphones. All feedback is appreciated 🙂

    • Osvaldo

      Well in this case…Shure sm7b requires Extra Power, Extra Gain…in my case i have used this mic with a Cloudlifter, and then in my mic preamp. It was the only way to get a decent sound with quality ( my preamp is a UA 710 )

    • Tony Harriman

      I tried the 7B, but it was just too much work. Narration often requires animation, and the 7B just doesn’t hold consistent dynamics when you move around in front of your copy. I had to stand too still, which made for a plastic recording.

  • Nat Stringer

    This is a pretty solid article on them if you want to have a geez:

  • Nat Stringer

    I’m a massive fan of the Neumann M 147 for voice overs if you can get your hands on one

    • Grant Lingel

      Thanks, Nat! We will be putting together a new article that expands on the 9 microphones in this one. We appreciate the suggestion!

    • yes, but then customers here prefer to pay the less possible to ppl recording with budget mics… lol I settled for a Blue baby bottle. It’s way better than a budget mic, and not so painfull as spending on a Neumann.

  • Jay Sawyer

    For the money and qualityt with my voice, I really like the RODE NTG-3 shotgun mic around the $700 price point.

    • Grant Lingel

      Thanks for the suggestion, Jay! We are going to be highlighting individual microphones in the near future. When we discuss the RODE NTG-3 Shotgun Mic, it would be great to contact you for a quote or two. Would that be cool with you?

      • Jay Sawyer

        Yes, that would be fine with me! –Jay

    • Humberto Franco

      What about this one for home:
      Low price/Very good sound quality – Rode M3

      And for the road/on the move:
      Small/Great sound quality – Apogee MIC