Key points of using video on landing pages

In a thought leadership piece for Hubspot, inbound marketing specialist Jess Marranco asserts that human-to-human marketing represents the future of the industry. Consumers don’t buy products and services from robots. They want to interact with live human beings.

So what does that have to do with your landing pages?

The answer is simple. Visitors won’t necessarily transition into customers unless they sense a human connection. They don’t just want to know about your products and services; they want to know about you. If your landing pages lack the human touch, you are running the risk of losing a lot of potential customers by coming off as cold and even robotic. A great way to make the landing page experience a little more human is by adding an engaging, thoughtful video above the fold.

The Cartoon Approach: Capture Viewers’ Attention Using Motion and Sound


Text and still images serve valuable purposes in marketing, but video adds a new dimension to your landing page. Susan Weinschenk, a licensed psychologist, released a video describing the impact of motion and sound on the human psyche. People respond to it more than to static media. They pay attention when they hear a voice or music and watch movement on the screen. It is a lot more engaging and draws the viewer in, leaving them more curious and willing to become a customer.

Weinschenk makes a compelling argument for using video on landing pages. A landing page is designed to funnel your audience to one specific goal or action. You want them to sign up for your email list, buy your product, use your service, or download your ebook. When a high-quality and engaging video is used on the landing page, you reduce the risk of viewers clicking away by capturing their attention and making them stick around longer to listen to your message.

How do you capture viewers’ attention? You create a video that uses both motion and sound to elicit a response. You want your audience to look up from their smartphones and cups of coffee long enough to hear your message. Small children are drawn to cartoons on television even before they can understand the words. Similarly, humans are programmed to pay attention to noise and motion.

Connecting With Video on Landing Pages


It’s no exaggeration that the Internet has left us completely inundated with information. Everywhere you look, there is content waiting to be read and viewed. While this is great for folks looking for an interesting story, it is making it harder for marketers to keep the attention of their target audience.

Engaging a reader is one thing. Boosting conversions is a whole different story. In order to drive more conversions and leave fewer visitors bouncing away quickly, you will need to really connect with those who find themselves on your landing page. Otherwise, they will click away and likely never return.

Adding a video – along with fantastic written content and quality narration by a professional voice over artist – will make your viewers feel more connected to the product or service being presented on your landing page.

The Minimalist Approach: Reduce Clutter On Your Landing Page


You don’t want a landing page that is too busy. Too many distractions on your page will draw attention away from call to action. The Internet has made people incredibly impatient. Nowadays, folks want the vital information fast, and they don’t want to do any work to get to it. Adding video to your landing page resolves this problem because it minimizes the amount of clutter and draws the viewer’s focus to the main message.

Picture a toy store during the Christmas holidays. Parents and their children have strewn Barbies across the aisle floors, dumped LEGOs all over shelves, and ripped books from their displays. End caps are packed with dozens of different options. You feel confused and overwhelmed because you don’t even know where to start.

That’s a response you want to avoid on your landing pages. Twelve Skip compiled a list of minimalist landing pages to illustrate their visual impact. Several of the chosen pages display videos or large images. Reduce text and direct your viewers’ eyes toward the most important element of the page: the video.

Plus, if you reduce text on your landing page, you could easily fit your video and your call to action above the fold. Viewers won’t have to scroll to view your video or to take the next step toward a purchase.

The Vine Approach: Make It Snappy


Bear in mind that your viewers don’t have hours of available free time to watch a lengthy video. If you want to increase conversions, create a short film that packs in as much information as possible and host it where it is readily available–such as on Facebook. In fact, Facebook is even better than Youtube.

AdAge reports that there’s no ideal length for marketing videos. You’ll need to consider your audience and their needs when you decide to create video–a script and producing the film. It’s important to note, however, that 45 percent of marketing video viewers will have stopped watching by the one-minute mark.

When creating videos for landing pages, don’t aim for an impossible benchmark. You can’t expect 100 percent of your viewers to make it to the end of the video—or to start the video, for that matter. Your goal is to make it as enticing as possible so the people who might convert into customers will stick around.

The Infomercial Approach: Make Your Product the Star


If you’ve never experienced insomnia in the middle of the night, you’re probably familiar with infomercials. Though they’re often the subject of derision and parodies, they do one thing exceptionally well: They make the product the star of the show. You can use that same approach to increasing conversions on your landing pages.

According to KissMetrics, a housewares company created product videos for its website. After deploying the videos, they saw a 144 percent increase in purchases. Other companies have reported similar results after creating product videos, whether for their sales pages or their landing pages.

People want to see what they intend to buy. At a store, consumers can pick up products and interact with them. They can’t do that while shopping online. However, if you pick up your product and interact with it, your viewers benefit from the vicarious experience. They understand the product better and feel more confident in it.

As you can see, using a marketing video on landing pages can greatly enhance your product and result in more conversions than a text-based landing page. Working with a company like to produce the right video or even using a stunning Coverr video to your landing page can make a world of difference.

If you want to maximize your landing page’s impact, consider producing a short video that will engage viewers, elicit emotions, and encourage purchases.

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Author: Mr. Bunny