The definitive guide to getting started with voiceover work

  • Ahmed Ålberto

    how I know that I have this talent … plz help

  • Pavan Bhat

    Hi , I am pavankumar Bhat (Actor). I am very much interested in giving voices to cartoons, ivr, movies etc . As an actor i am good in producing some amaizing voices but i am not finding the way to whom should i contact and start my career in dubbing. can anyone help me on this ?

  • This is a great article. I read the whole thing aloud and discovered that my mouth-eye coordination definitely needs a little improvement. Great links; though some are broken, such as the prompt to view a video of how you make a quality recording in your walk-in studio.

  • Woofy 364

    I want to be a voice actor i love watching cartoons and their voices and i try to imitate the voices for fun though most information ive found on this is to get into acting though i hate normal acting because i feel people staring at me like i cant do actions and i feel like im embarrassing myself but when it comes to doing voices and different personalities i can do it

    • Scott W. Burns

      The absolute best thing you can do is TAKE normal acting lessons to get OVER the fear of performing in front of people. The voices you hear on the cartoons you love were performed in front of other humans. An audio engineer, director, producer…maybe even an intern. Act means, “To do.” So do!

  • irene

    I’m a professional singer and I’ve been told my entire life that my speaking voice is great and I should do voice over. My only concern is that my accent would get in the way. I’m originally from Italy, and although I’ve been living in the US for over six years and I don’t have a super heavy accent, I still have it.
    Do you think that that’s an impediment?

    • Riven

      i personally think that doenst matter as it can enhance the performance as most of the time people love accents take velvet from the online show RWBY use that as an example