9 tips to improve your speaking abilities

  • Mickey

    I was wondering, for voice acting jobs, the way you speak matters. What about just the general sound of your voice? Does that impact you greatly when auditioning?

  • Adesh Orie

    I am from the Caribbean. I have a Trinidadian accent. Any chance I can land a gig to do voice for an animated film? I have voice over experience locally.

  • wordstimer

    Nice information!

    We just published a free web app to calculate the duration of a voice over script. If you need to estimate the duration of a narration, ebook, speech, or other monologue, you can use this tool: http://wordstimer.com/
    Other than measuring, it also allows you to collaborate by sharing a link and comments. It’s like Google Docs, but it allows you to measure how long the script would take when it’s voiced.

    • Thanks. Sounds super handy. We’ll check it out!