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Show me the money!

Just what IS VoiceBunny??

VoiceBunny is a crowdsourced service to get professional voice actors. It operates similarly to, although much faster and better than, a traditional production house. VoiceBunny is neither a marketplace, nor an agency.

How is the money distributed?

Each voice actor decides how much they would like to charge Mr. Bunny for the use of his/her work. Mr. Bunny then adds his markup on top of those rates to calculate the final cost to the client. The markup varies from project to project.

On average, this is how the cost of every project is distributed:

Talent fee
Sales / marketing
Customer service
Research and development
Operations and hosting
Transaction (payment) costs

As you can see, the profit margin is quite low. In fact, in some cases Mr. Bunny makes a profit. In some other cases, Mr. Bunny loses money. Regardless, the voice actors are always paid the rates they want. Mr. Bunny assumes all the risk.


VoiceBunny is a team of techies and voice actors. We wanted to create a place where clients get voice overs quickly and easily and voice actors get paid for their work quickly and easily. Thank you for making VoiceBunny a reality!